Monthly Calendar Template Cute and Colorful

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Finding the cutest calendar is not as easy as you think. Some sellers do not have a stock about cute calendar that preferred by girls and women. It is true because most of the public calendars come up with cars image, cultural theme, or just the regular animal pictured in the wildlife. For girls and women, they want something that reflects their mood. Moreover, sometimes they need the calendar as a tool that will help them do their jobs. Alternatively, you can choose the printable monthly calendar template cute and colorful that will show your feminist inner soul. We have a bunch of list calendar that comes with cute theme. These printable calendar templates are editable and free!

Flower Design Calendar Template


This is the most common cute calendar template that has more than a million download. The floral theme manages to attract women and girls to download this template. There are plenty selections of flower that you can choose to decorate the calendar. Also, it comes with a lot of color options so you can create spark on your personalize calendar. I you think that this template is the perfect one for you, and then you can grab it for free.

Unicorn Calendar Template

It seems too immature for women. But for girls, they fancy this template. The Unicorn is a legendary creature that depicted as a horse with a spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. The Unicorn has purple as its main color but has colorful tail. Sometimes it followed with rainbow poop that makes this creature looks very cute. You can choose the unicorn monthly calendar template cute and colorful because it will make your calendar looks festive.

Super Cats Calendar Template

Most of the calendar sometimes decorated with wildlife animals that taken with fotogenic snapshot. But cute calendar with cute cats on it, it is beyond everything. I mean, who does not like cute cats? For the car lovers, the super cats calendar template would be a perfect choice for them! You can choose either animated or real cats snapshot. The Sleeping Cat has more download than others, in case you like it.

Coloring Pages Calendar Template

This is the next level of calendar because you can choose the color and coloring by yourself. But you need crayon to do it since the template is actually only has black and white layout. It is a little bit odd, but the calendar could be a quick gateway when you bored and you do not know what to do. Like when the office hour and you get stuck, you can sharpen you creativity by coloring your calendar.

Motivational Arts Calendar Template

Last, this is also one of the best monthly calendar templates cute and unusual because it is not just a regular calendar. It has plenty of motivational quotes with artsy style on it to keep your spirit burn. There are some popular quotes that maybe will give you more boost when you start lost your spirit while doing errands.

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