Cute Blank Monthly Calendar Template for Girls

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The calendar could be one of the decorations at your house too. During this time people tend to ignore what their calendar looks like. They do not care about it because they think that the calendar that hung on the wall or stand on your desk is out of date since you have it on your phone. But for those who use calendar as their part of life, such as Secretary to make appointment or Accounting Staff to mark the cashflow, calendar is not an useless item. The calendar could help them and making their life easier. It is not surprising that for some people, they choose the cute blank monthly calendar template as their personal calendar to help them run errands.

There are a lot of calendar templates that are available on this site. You can choose whatever design you want, but for girl and woman that need something cute, then the printable cute blank monthly calendar template would be the best item for them!

Cute Rainbow Calendar Template


This is one of the cutest calendar templates there is. I mean, who does not like rainbow? This beautiful creature is now on your calendar not only decorating your desk, but also giving you focal point on your cubicle office when you print it potrait and make it as standing calendar. You can choose this monthly calendar that offers different color combination on each month.


Modern Purple 2020 Calendar Template

The colorful template is popular among the girls and women. Purple is also one of the most preferred colors that they like. So, the Modern Purple 2020 Calendar Template is considered as one of the cute blank monthly calendar templates that you can download for free. It has modern design and clean appearance. The template is also available in different grid style, font style, and rounded or square design.


Black Sassy Solid Calendar Template

The next one is suitable for the girls or women that want something different. Honestly, it is more like cool rather than cute, but it is okay, some people think it is cute as well. The calendar template is only available in black. But you can play with the line style, font style, and also the headline style that you can customize as cute as you want. This template is available in square landscape so make sure you choose the right paper.


Giant Owl Blank Calendar Template

Another option for the cute blank monthly calendar template is the Giant Owl Blank Calendar Template. This one is very popular because the owl themed illustration that comes with plenty color combinations making it looks very cute. The owl cartoons that decorate the border also have a cute background with blue or white polka dot theme. Those combinations create minimalist look but still cute at the same time. I bet you like this template since it also comes with various owl cartoons that you can choose according to your desire. Those are several cute monthly calendar templates that available on this site.

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