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The calendar would be an effective tool that will help you to manage everything in your life, especially when it comes about planning or reminding some important events that will be held in the future. You just need to make a mark on a date and day so you will always remember about the plan that you make. That way also lets you to prepare everything in order. But it is hard if you use the regular public calendar. We suggest you to create your own calendar by choosing the monthly calendar template design that is available on this site. There are several kinds of calendar template that you can choose based on your personal intention. Here is the list of popular calendar template design that you can get for free!

Photo Classic

This is one of the most popular calendar templates that has been downloaded for more than 321,000. The Photo Classic template is straightforward and simple. Plus, there are a lot of photo selections that you can choose to your taste. It also supports custom headline and you are free to create your own important date mark on there.

Plain Month

Another popular printable monthly calendar template design is the plain or blank template. Some people think that when it comes about calendar, the blank or plain design is the best among the others. It is true because the Plain Month template comes without a photo so you will get plenty of space for the grid. You can use the space to create notes section to write important reminder.

Big Photo Landscape

If you want an impressive calendar template that you can edit, print, and get for free, then the Big Photo Landscape would be the best for you. The big photo is the main point on this template. So, make sure you choose the best photo that you would like to print on your calendar. Some people that downloaded this template prefer to choose their baby photo as the layout that covers almost 90% of the paper. Choose the photo wisely.

Monthly List

This template is designed for those who want to get 2 up to 4 months in one page. The Monthly List calendar template also can contain for half a year but you have to make each month smaller even though it is not too big, but it still has some space where you can add notes or to do list on the page. Keep in mind that you need to print the template with the portrait mode so it can contain a list of the months. It is effective for those who want to print monthly calendar template.

Square Photo Landscape

Last but not least, the monthly calendar template design that offers you square photo in landscape layout is a good choice for those who want to print their love ones on a calendar. It is different with the Big Photo Landscape because the image will display in square layout with 50:50 composition with the dates.


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