Editable Monthly Calendar Template Free

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There are a lot of monthly calendar template free that you can select in this site. If you are Teacher, you can choose one of the most popular editable calendar for educators; if you are a Secretary there are various Appointment calendar; or if you just want blank calendar template to create personalize calendar, there is plenty of it. All of them are free and no string attached. You can select the one that match your personal taste and edit it with Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, or PowerPoint before you print it. And then you can hang it on the wall or put it on the desk at your office cubicle.


Customize Classic One Month Template

This is the most popular calendar template that you can print out for any year. It is available in landscape format, making this calendar has slightly big box on the each row and column. The big box is an advantage because you can use it to write some notes. The extra space inside the box is also available to glue the sticky note.

Monthly Calendar Template with Notes


Some people need extra space in their calendar; not in the box. If you are that kind of person, then this template is suitable for you. This monthly calendar template free is also editable where you can increase or decrease the size of the box and the notes space.

Monthly Calendar Template with MORE Notes

If small space outside the box is not enough for you, then there is another option for that kind of people. The editable monthly calendar template is also available with more spaces for more notes. Thanks to landscape format that making this template gives you plenty of spaces. The notes-space is available inside the box AND at the bottom of the box. The double notes-space will give you plenty of room to write reminders.

One Month Calendar Template Potrait Format

Sometimes the landscape layout requires certain paper to print out. But if you want to make it simple and clean, the one month calendar template with potrait format is suitable as your one-page standing desk calendar. It is small, it is simple, and it is just one month!

One Month Calendar Template Potrait Format with Notes

Just like the landscape version, the potrait version of one month calendar template is also available with the small type but comes with more spaces for notes. It is up to you because you can choose the one that matches your needs. If you have to write some notes, then this kind is the perfect one.

Monthly Calendar Template with Large Box Grid

Do you want a simple calendar template with large grid where you can make a sign on the dates and days at the same time? Well, this template is available and free for those who are searching a simpler template. It is also available in 12 month that comes with public holidays and note space as well.

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